The Tattoo Colouring Book

Laurence King Publishing

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The Tattoo Colouring Book

'The Tattoo Colouring Book' is the first edition in a series of tattoo flash colouring books with Laurence King Publishing.

Filled with 120 pages of tattoo designs taking influence from both Japanese and traditional western tattooing this publication is designed to be a multitude of things - a colouring book,
a reference book or it could sit comfortably on any coffee table.


All designs were hand drawn specifically for the book.

Two removable posters are inlcuded and reflect the two areas of inspiration, Japanese and traditional Western tattooing.


- Lotus, Chrysanthemum & Cherry Blossoms 
- Dragons, Koi & Snakes
- Mermaids, Ships & Anchors
- Hearts, Swallows and Butterflies
- Skulls
- Sharks
- Much more...


- 120 pages of tattoo flash
- Two removable full colour posters

In addition to over 100 pages of complete designs, some pages are left unfinished so that the user can add more of their own creativity.

Special thanks to Johnny McCulloch for his research and ideas.


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Publisher - Laurence King Publishing
Photography - Dar Barrow
Video - Above & Beyond & Craig Murdoch
Music - J.Boltano