The Tattoo Flash Colouring Book

Laurence King Publishing

Devil's in the detail.

The Tattoo Flash Colouring Book

'The Tattoo Flash Colouring Book' is the second edition in a series of tattoo flash colouring books with Laurence King Publishing.

The book offers 60 pages of elaborate drawings depicting themes from ghost trains and motorcycles to playing cards and crystal balls, from sailors and mermaids to strongmen and snake charmers.


Many themes are explored with an emphasis on reimagining classic tattoo designs.


- Ships, Sailors & Mermaids
- Bikers, Surfers & Skateboarders
- Daggers, Eagles & Snakes
- Pin-Ups
- Greek Gods
- Astrology
- Much more...


- 60 pages of tattoo flash
- Two removable full colour posters
- Two sticker sheets

Stickers appear in a bold red and blue colour palette.

Hidden amongst the pages are references to some favourite cities. San Francisco features with a page dedicated to stories learned whilst walking the grounds of Alcatraz.

Equally at home on the bookshelf of an avid tattoo book collector as it is in the hands of a colouring enthusiast.

Special thanks to Johnny McCulloch for his invaluable contribution to this book.


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Publisher - Laurence King Publishing
Photography - Felix Russell-Saw