Drayton Porkchop

Boneshaker Choppers X Ilovedust

Raw bones.

Drayton Porkchop

The 'Drayton Porkchop' was never meant to be a polished, perfectly executed motorcycle.

The concept was to create a mean brute of a bike that looks as if it was built for a purpose... some kind of abused race bike with an illustrative flash of racing graphics embellished in white and gold.

The build started out with a 1972 Ironhead Sportster frame and motor. To keep the bike low and fat Benny Thomas of Boneshaker Choppers laced drum & disc hubs to 16 inch rims and fitted them with Firestone ANS tyres.

It was a conscious choice to keep as many moving parts on show as possible. The master cyclinder was relocated away from the handlebars but left in plain sight. Various cables were also left so that the workings of the bike are there to see.

The tank was taken from a Yamaha and modified to fit the Sportster frame, with a bayonet fillercap. A cutout for the carb and throttle cable were fabricated. The low tracker style tailpiece was made in fibreglass.

The paint and final finish were designed to reflect the rawness of the build. The bodywork was painted matt black so that the white and gold graphics would stand out. All of the imagery was meticulously hand painted and it was important that there was a narrative. Most of this links to ideas behind the name of the bike and to the history of Ilovedust as a company; the number ’10’ painted on the oil tank represents the firm's 10 years in the game.

The Drayton Porkchop was never concerned with anything unnecessary, there are no lights, no speedo, it’s a raw bones build made to go fast and stop... and to look roguishly good whilst doing so.

Paintwork by Oliver Munden completed at ILOVEDUST.


Photography & Video - Cedar Film
Music - The Confederate Dead