Nesting Dolls

Nike Snowboarding

Medieval cast

Nesting Dolls

A set of nesting dolls designed to represent 10 of Nike Snowboarding's most prolific riders and sit alongside the latest 'Ites' Boot in stores around the globe.

Each rider was paired with an appropriate Medieval character based on their personality... Nicolas Müller for example was illustrated as a Wizard due to his affinity for the cosmos, nature and his mystical abilities on a snowboard. 

Addittional iconography was placed on the chest of each character to add further layers to the story; everything has a purpose.

One painstakingly hand painted set was created. From this blueprint authentic nesting doll makers in Russia manufactured hundreds of sets that were sent to stores to accompany and draw attention to the product.

Each rider's name features on the reverse of the doll, hand painted in a lettering style that matches the visual language of the artwork.

The colour palette was designed to mirror the latest 'Ites' boot which was released in the classic 'Air Max 180' colourway as well as black and 'Volt Green' Nike's signature colour.

The resultant striking set of dolls helped sell thousands of pairs of boots and became part of the legacy of this annual project by Nike Snowboarding.


Photography - Above & Beyond