No Walls Gallery

From the page to the wall...


To celebrate the worldwide success of the best selling ‘The Tattoo Colouring Book’ this debut show was held in the freshly opened No Walls gallery in the heart of Brighton.

Paintings, drawings, engraved leathers goods, fabrics and sculptures made up the body of work which focused on taking a tattoo style to tactile surfaces.

Unusual objects were selected for their potential to complement the show. Restored, embellished and varnished each item was decorated in a language that adds to the story of the item itself.

Engraving was experimented with and played a big role in the show. A black lacquered skateboard engraved in New York and a selection of leather goods hand made by Raw & Auburn became the canvasses for this exploration.

A small selection of repeat pattern fabrics were produced. Designs and colour palettes were kept subtle so that the final items which included pocket squares & bandanas would be conducive with every day wearing.


Video & Photography - Above & Beyond
Leather goods - Raw & Auburn